Friday, December 3, 2010

Paris: The Final Day (sniff, sniff)

We actually started out Sunday morning with mass at Notre Dame.  It was quite beautiful although difficult to follow in French!  The voices of the choir were breathtaking.
I did not take this picture during the mass we attended.  It is a little surreal, but there are tourists in the perimeter while mass is happening.  After the mass we attended was complete we looked at all the incredible artifacts and statues around the church.  By the time we came to the other side, another mass was in session.  It was quite beautiful the way the smoke from the incense hit the light.
Paris 2010 248
Things are quite bit more extravagant than our little home town church.
Paris 2010 250
In one of the surrounding areas, sitting on the ground, was this amazing chandelier.
Paris 2010 246
We walked around the area some and just enjoyed being in Paris.
Paris 2010 261
Paris 2010 267
Paris 2010 272
Paris 2010 276
We stopped here…
Paris 2010 288
And had this amazing lunch…
the best lunch paris
Then we walked through the gardens of the Louvre.
The chairs, that in the Spring, Summer and early Fall, are filled.  In late fall, in the rain, they sit quiet and lovely….
Paris 2010 366
Paris 2010 368
We saw this at a flower shop.  It was quite intricately put together.  Thought it might provide some inspiration.
Paris 2010 405
Last, but not least, this was the lovely room that we stayed in.
Paris 2010 409
Thanks for letting me share my trip with all of you.  It was such a great time and it will stay with me always.
Bon Soir!


Andrea said...

This post shall be forwarded to my husband tout de suite! Paris, I must experience. Une vacances superbe! (obviously my french needs immediate improvement)

Jane said...

Thank you for sharing your trip and bringing back wonderful memories for me! (I got to go to Paris 11 years ago...) Bon Jour!

michelle said...

Thank YOU for sharing your trip! I just love your pictures, they are like scenes out of a movie, so perfect! I hope that you get to go back one day!

Anonymous said...

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