Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Change In Place – Please Come Join Me

So, it is finally here… 

The new logo, the new address, the new design.finallogodesignThe new blog address is findinghomeonline.com 

There is a new blog design and I have now switched to Wordpress.

This is the part where I need your help. 

If you are a follower, and are still interested in being one, please go


Scroll down the right side and click on “Join this Site” and follow on the new site.

If you are reading this from a reader or blogroll, you should be able to click right on the links from here.  If you click to go into the post, you will re-directed to the new site and then you can join from there.

If you don’t make the change, I am afraid I will loose you! 

I am sorry to make it something you have to do.  Trust me, if there were a magic wand to make this all transfer over, I would SO be waving it right now!

You can update your blogroll by deleting the old blog site.  Posts will still come to you from the old site, but very delayed.  This is as a result of switching from Blogger to Wordpress.

I am so appreciative of each and everyone of my followers, really and truly.

I also have the option of following through

RSS Feed



So, it is a new beginning on this journey I have been blogging about and I truly hope you will join me.

Take care,


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