Friday, October 15, 2010

Outdoor Fall Decorating

I did a little outdoor fall decorating today. Really not much, I did not want to spend a lot of money so I worked with what we had. The pumpkins and gourds actually came from my in-laws when we visited them this past weekend.
My apologies for my steps! I did not realize how badly they needed to be stained. I have a great friend who always says, "I didn't clean, so just squint while you are here and you won't see the dust". Well, you can see it coming, just squint and don't look at the stairs!

You are probably wondering why there is a picture of Bailey. She is forcing me to be truthful. As soon as I finished taking these pictures, I brought all the gourds inside. If I didn't, she would steal them! She is there in the picture just hoping I will turn my back so she can run off with one. I left the pumpkins, hopefully she does not eat off the stems like she did last year. Oh, the joy of dogs!

Here are a few other shots.

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The Soladay Family said...

It looks picture perfect! Didn't even notice the stairs. Guess I was squinting. =)

I'm your newest follower!

Beth said...

Love your porch!!! :) And what a sweet dog! :) I have 5 cats, and they steal EVERYTHING! haha

PS - I loved your table centerpiece too, and I blogged about it as being part of my inspriation in finding a candelabra! :) Here is the link!!

I'd love to have you as a follower!!

Beth said...

PS - Do you have a closeup of your wreath on the door? It looks so cute!! Did you make it? :)