Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Tour

I already told you about visiting my friend Julie, one of my Betties.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 082(Me, Julie, Jackie and Kathy)

I thought I would share a tour of her amazing home.

To start with, this is her backyard.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 279

This is what it looks like in the early fall when the fog is coming up with the sun.

phone pictures 023

I am going to start with her guestroom.

 band concert, julie visit, julie house 127  

Don’t you want to snuggle right in? 

The sun was so bright this morning when I took this.  Technically, I should have pulled the shade down to take it, but it was just so welcoming.

If you are wondering what the large frame is on the floor.  That was something I was suppose to help her hang and we never got to it.

It is to go around what is painted by her incredibly talented step-daughter directly on the wall.  Look familiar?

band concert, julie visit, julie house 124

It hangs over her faux mantle and is fun and unique.

Stayed tuned for Julie’s master bedroom and living room.  Both are stunning.

Have a great one!  Laura


michelle said...

That is a cozy little guest room! Love the painting, so beautiful! Also I would like that view every morning looking over the water, so peaceful!

Hope you are well and having a good week so far!

Dana @ Cookin' At Cafe D said...

Her daughter must be incredibly talented. Wonderful.

Katie @ OhhBaby said...

I love the colors and the natural light! Beautiful!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Sooooo pretty! Great place to be during a blizzard! lol!

xoxo laurie