Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home Tour: Part 2

Today I am sharing the master bedroom of my friend Julie’s house.  I started yesterday with the guest bedroom.

Her master bedroom is a fantastic mix of traditional elements, vintage finds and elegance.

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Over her dresser she created a jewelry frame similar to what I had done a few months ago.  This frame was the original inspiration on how to figure it all out.  I tried my hand at it and then Julie took it two steps further.  First, she added wire in with the twine to give it more strength.  Second, she hung a mirror right in the center which makes it even more functional.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 137 band concert, julie visit, julie house 139 band concert, julie visit, julie house 140

She found the vintage shelf at Brimfield last year with the intention of putting it over her bed.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 151

She has a great sitting area as well.  The bench was actually a present from me, found at an auction last weekend.  The color and size were too good to be true.  band concert, julie visit, julie house 155 

She found the old doors, one here in the corner with pictures on it, the other one behind the dress form on the other side, in the back of her neighbors truck on the way to the dump.  The color is so right on and adds just the right element to the room.  A very lucky find.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 166

I have actually seen her wear this outfit.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 146

  What I like most about this room, besides the obvious beauty of it, is that it is such a great reflection of Julie’s style.

She is one stylin’ chick! 

I just wished she didn’t live FOUR hours away!

Stay warm and safe if you are getting hit with all of this snow and ice like us!


Tanya said...

GORGEOUS room! Lots of inspiration in here!!!

Betty Kathy said...

Nice finishing touches, ladies!!! Great decisions on the door placements!!!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

I love Julie's bedroom! I especially love the old door in the corner with the picture frames. So sweet!

Thanks for visiting my blog for Be Mine Bonanza!

Robin said...

Your friend has some serious talent! I just love her room. She has created a beautiful, cozy space for herself.

Heaven's Walk - said...

What a cozy room! I love the fact that she drapes the dress form with her own clothes! So cute! :)

xoxo laurie

michelle said...

What a beautiful room! That old door is so perfect and I love her bed linens. The room so spacious and she did well with creating a cozy place!

julie said...

Hey it's "Julie-Betty" here and thanks so much for all the kind compliments! However, Laura failed to mention the gazillion-million phone calls I made to her about feedback for everything from the mirrors, paint color, chandelier, lamps! She was such an asset helping me establish a "vision"! Love you Laura

julie said...
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